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Alien Adventures

What an incredible discovery! Aliens landed at Nightingale. Year 1 were amazed to come back after lunch and find out the news. An alien spacecraft had crash landed in our…

Year 1

A Royal Occasion in Year 1

What an incredible surprise waiting for year 1 in the post last week. A invite to a Royal garden party! What a great way to start their, ‘Bright Lights, Big…

Year 1

We Are Readers!

Our new half term has kicked off at Nightingale and we were lucky enough to get an enormous delivery of fantastic new books! Each Year group will focus on one…

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Watch out Super Villains! Year 1 are here to save the day!

Inspired by reading their latest book Supertato our Year 1 bubble got creative to make their very own puppet superheroes. The perfect way to start their topic they even built…

Year 1

Experimenting with water in Year 1

Year 1 explored in the water. They had to predict which objects we thought would float and which would sink.

Year 1

Releasing our class butterflies

Year 1 have been watching their class caterpillars slowly turn into butterflies! The time came to release them into the wild and let them fly free. So Year 1 took…

Year 1

Year 1 met some friendly critters

Year 1 met some new and interesting friends. We got up close and personal with Sullivan the snail, Harry the roach, Louise the rat and Sammy snake!

Year 1

Year 1 made potato prints with parents and carers

Year 1 parents and carers were invited into class to make some fun potato prints. It was a very fun afternoon and it was wonderful to see our parents and…

Year 1

Maths games with Leeds Beckett

Key stage 1 had a great time playing maths games with Leeds Beckett students. They used objects, board games and challenges to test their maths skills. It was a very…

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Me, Myself & I with Year 1

As part of our schools ongoing link with the Thackray Museum. Year 1 went on a trip last week. They learnt all about the different types of teeth and what…

Year 1