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Year 2 are changing Harehills for the better!

Year 2 are changing Harehills for the better!

Year 2 kicked off their new half termly topic ‘Street Detectives’ by getting creative!
Children got to know their local area, used technology to do a virtual walk around the area near our school. On their walk they thought about all of the different types of buildings that they could see, what they liked and what they thought Harehills was missing!
It was important that children build on the knowledge from their Year 1 topic ‘Bright lights, Big City’ as they used it as a foundation to add new learning, including vocabulary around physical and human features and the symbols that represent them on a map.
They then used their arts and crafts skills to build and design their own improved versions of the buildings they wanted to see in the area. As you can see we have quite the town planners and you never know maybe their plans might become reality one day. It certainly did in year 2, as Miss Springer and Mr. Illingworth brought Year 2’s new and improved version of Harehills to life when the children went on a real walk around our yard past all of  their wonderful creations.
What a memorable way to inspire children’s imaginations and engage them on their learning in our new term!