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We got experimenting for British Science Week!

We got experimenting for British Science Week!

It’s British Science Week and our super duper scientists took part in some experiments to celebrate.

Years 2 to 5 took part in sessions all day looking at different Science topics.

They looked at micro plastics and how they get into our water; using microscopes and filter paper to see how water changes after coming into contact with synthetic material.

They tried being birds and building nests out of twigs, moss and string (straws, pipe cleaners and cotton wool) using only their beaks (clothes pegs)!

We went outside to see what creepy crawlies we could find and talked about how we can keep them safe.

Pupils got the chance to make kites out of wooden sticks and bin bags that they got to fly outside at lunchtime.

We made the most of the wind and raced bubbles across the playground, seeing which ones went the furthest and lasted the longest!

Then everyone got to make a brain cell with pipe cleaner dendrites. These cells are the ones that hold our memories, so all the pupils wrote their favourite memory on their cell.

Everyone got to be a helicopter engineer for the afternoon, building paper prototypes of helicopter wings. Then they had a competition to see whose was the fastest.

It was such a fun day and all our children were amazing scientists. Thank you to all of our teachers who ran the workshops, you really made Science Week rock!

You can check out lots more photos from the day here.