Particle Zoo fun with Year 4

Particle Zoo fun with Year 4

As part of our celebration of British Science Week, Erin from Leeds University’s School of Physics and Astronomy came brought a zoo into the Academy. Now it wasn’t a real zoo, but it was just as exciting! 

Erin explained that although physics and astronomy can seem really complicated, it can also be really simple. Everything in the world is made up of particles, solids, liquids and gas.

For a long time people thought that a particle was the smallest something could be, then someone discovered that inside particles are even smaller things called up-quarks, down-quarks, electrons, neutrons and protons.

Erin also explained that there were particles which are forces called boson particles, they help keep atoms together. The students looked at the Large Hadron Collider in CERN, which is a particle accelerator. It sends particles around an enormous tube at really high speeds to try and make them bump into each other and separate.

Afterwards the students got to invent their own particles. They had to think where it could have been discovered, how heavy it was and what its name was!

Some of the things the students learnt was Year 9 and even Year 13 level work! We were so impressed at how well they understood everything, and the amazing questions they asked.

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