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DJ workshop at Co-op Academy Leeds

DJ workshop at Co-op Academy Leeds

We went to an electronic DJ workshop at Co-op Academy Leeds this week.

Max Wheeler from Vip Studios and rapper Eyez showed our pupils how to use a computer program to make their own backing tracks!

It was funded by Leeds Music Education Partnership as a music outreach project.

After they had created their backing tracks, pupils worked with students from Co-op Academy Leeds to come up with some lyrics.

Max and Eyez taught the groups how to make sure every line rhymed by using a system of ending each sentence with a word before writing the start of it.

Then all the groups took it in turns to perform their songs in front of everyone else. It was alot of fun and we are so proud of how our children worked with each other and the older students.

We will be performing our songs in concert with Co-op Academy Leeds on May 23, when we will be joined by Co-op Priesthorpe and one of their feeder primary for the performance.