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PSHE – Year 5

Autumn 1- Physical health and wellbeing: In the media

  • that messages given on food adverts can be misleading
  • about role models
  • about how the media can manipulate images and that these images may not reflect reality

Autumn 2- Identity, society and equality: Stereotypes, discrimination and prejudice (including tackling homophobia)

  • about stereotyping, including gender stereotyping
  • workshop from Diversity Role Models or Equaliteach
  • about prejudice and discrimination and how this can make people feel

Spring 1- Keeping safe and managing risk: When things go wrong

  • about keeping safe online 
  • that violence within relationships is not acceptable
  • about problems that can occur when someone goes missing from home

Spring 2- Mental health and emotional wellbeing: Dealing with feelings

  • about a wide range of emotions and feelings and how these are experienced in the body
  • about times of change and how this can make people feel
  • about the feelings associated with loss, grief and bereavement

Summer 1- Drug, alcohol and tobacco education: Different influences

  • about the risks associated with smoking drugs, including cigarettes, e-cigarettes, shisha and cannabis 
  • about different influences on drug use – alcohol, tobacco and nicotine products
  • strategies to resist pressure from others about whether to use drugs – smoking drugs and alcohol  

Summer 2- Careers, financial capability and economic wellbeing: Borrowing and earning money

  • that money can be borrowed but there are risks associated with this
  • about enterprise
  • what influences people’s decisions about careers