We're keeping safe - Most students to learn at home

PSHE – Year 1

Autumn 1- Physical health and wellbeing: Fun times

  • about food that is associated with special times, in different cultures
  • about active playground games from around the world
  • about sun-safety

Autumn 2- Keeping safe and managing risk: Feeling safe

  • safety in familiar situations  
  • about personal safety
  • about people who help keep them safe outside the home

Spring 1- Identity, society and equality: Me and others

  • about what makes themselves and others special
  • about roles and responsibilities at home and school 
  • about being co-operative with others

Spring 2-Drug, alcohol and tobacco education: What do we put into and on to bodies?

  • about what can go into bodies and how it can make people feel
  • about what can go on to bodies and how it can make people feel

Summer 1- Mental health and emotional wellbeing: Feelings

  • about different types of feelings 
  • about managing different feelings
  • about change or loss and how this can feel

Summer 2- Careers, financial capability and economic wellbeing: My money

  • about where money comes from and making choices when spending money
  • about saving money  and how to keep it safe
  • about the different jobs people do