Our school day starts at 8:30am all children are expected to be in school and ready to learn by 8:55am. Any children arriving after this time will be recorded as being late. Persistent lateness will be reported to the Local Authority and can result in a Punctuality Penalty  Notice being issued. Please be mindful of this and get your children to school on time! Lateness after 9:30 will be recorded as an  unauthorised absence, this will impact on your child’s overall attendance.

When your child is unable to attend school, you must contact school on the first day of absence with reasons and a return date. You should also expect a telephone call and/or home visit if no communication has taken place. Medical proof may also be requested to authorise absences. Please try to make all medical appointments outside of school hours. Where this is not possible, parents should attempt to bring their child into school before and after appointments.

Our policy states that absence during term time will not be authorised. Parent/Carers need to make a request direct to the school and complete the appropriate paper work before going on holiday.  Please note that  holiday requests will be recorded as an unauthorised absence and can lead to parents being issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice. Parents should also be aware  that extended holidays can result in children possibly losing their school place.

Parents can be issued with a £60 Fixed Penalty Notice if they fail to ensure their children attend school regularly. Parents can also be prosecuted in the Magistrates Court for non-payment of penalty notices, which can lead to a fine of up to £2500 and/or a community rehabilitation order, or even a custodial sentence of up to 3 months as well as a criminal record.

The local authority can also apply to the Family Court for an Education Supervision Order, which means that the local authority can act directly on behalf of the child to ensure they attend school, removing some parental rights.