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Modern Foreign Languages

Key stage 1

Foreign language teaching is not required in KS1 but we will begin to integrate Spanish as the school’s taught language. KS1 children will have the opportunity to sing Spanish songs, be exposed to some simple Spanish vocabulary and answer the register in Spanish.

Key stage 2

The school uses ‘Hola Espanol’ to teach Spanish at Nightingale. More information here: https://www.jmbeducation.com/spanish/

By the end of key stage 2, all children will have developed their Spanish vocabulary knowledge of:

  • Greetings
  • Alphabet
  • Colours
  • Where I live
  • Numbers
  • Date and time
  • Age
  • Parts of the body
  • Members of the family
  • In the classroom
  • Adjectives

They’ll have 4 key skills:

  • Listening – listen to and understand Spanish words, enjoy Spanish songs and rhymes
  • Speaking – have simple conversations, say full sentences, and give their opinion in Spanish
  • Reading – read and understand simple sentences, use dictionaries to build vocabulary.
  • Writing – write phrases and sentences, describe people/objects, and understand basic grammar (such as using verbs correctly)

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