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Computing – Year 4

Digital Literacy

Online Safety 


  • Children can explore key concepts relating to online safety using concept mapping such as 2Connect.
  • Children can help others to understand the importance of online safety. 
  • Children know a range of ways of reporting inappropriate content and contact.

Information Technology 


Writing for different audiences



  • Children understand the function, features and layout of a search engine. They can appraise selected webpages for credibility and information at a basic level.
  • Children are able to make improvements to digital solutions based on feedback.
  • Children can make informed software choices when presenting information and data. They create linked content using a range of software such as 2Connect and 2Publish+. 
  • Children can share digital content within their community, i.e. using Virtual Display Boards.

Computer Science 


Effective Searching

Hardware Investigators 


  • Children can turn real-life situations into an algorithm that shows that they are thinking of the required task and how to accomplish this in code using coding structures for selection and repetition. 
  • Children make more intuitive attempts to debug their own programs.
  • Children’s use of timers to achieve repetition effects are becoming more logical and are integrated into their program designs.
  • Children understand ‘if statements’ for selection and attempt to combine these with other coding structures including variables to achieve the effects that they design in their programs. As well as understanding how variables can be used to store information while a program is executing, they are able to use and manipulate the value of variables.
  • Children can make use of user inputs and outputs such as ‘print to screen’.
  • Children’s designs for their programs show that they are thinking of the structure of a program in logical, achievable steps and absorbing some new knowledge of coding structures. For example, ‘if’ statements, repetition and variables.
  • Children can trace code and use step-through methods to identify errors in code and make logical attempts to correct this.
  • Children can ‘read’ programs with several steps and predict the outcome accurately.
  • Children recognise the main component parts of hardware which allow computers to join and form a network. Their ability to understand the online safety implications associated with the ways the internet can be used to provide different methods of communication is improving.