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Computing – Year 2

Digital Literacy

Online Safety 


  • Children understand how to use the Purple Mash search bar and know the implications of inappropriate searches 
  • Children can share their work using the display boar and begin to understand how things are shared electronically 
  • Children can use the  2Respond activities to develop an understanding of how to use email safely and responsibly 
  • Children know how to report inappropriate content to their teacher

Information Technology 



Effective Searching

Creating Pictures

Making Music

Presenting Ideas


  • Children can demonstrate an ability to organise data using, for example, a database such as 2Investigate and can retrieve specific data for conducting simple searches.
  • Children are able to edit more complex digital data such as music compositions within 2Sequence. 
  • Children are confident when creating, naming, saving and retrieving content.
  •  Children use a range of media in their digital content including photos, text and sound.

Computer Science 



  • Children can consider a variety of factors when coding, including the way that the program is designed. They can then design programs that control the look and the actions of objects. 
  • Children can design programs that show they have thought about the need for precise, purposeful, ordered instructions. For example, they consider the kinds of actions they know to be possible when designing their program. 
  • Children can think about the program they are making with reference to the objects, the actions and the output e.g. they know that an object will get clicked on and then an object will do something in response.