We're keeping safe - Most students to learn at home

Computing – Year 1

Digital Literacy

Online Safety & Exploring Purple Mash


  • Children can demonstrate an understanding of the importance of online safety, using their own private usernames and passwords for Purple Mash 
  • Children can understand the importance of keeping information, such as their usernames and passwords private and actively demonstrate this in lessons
  • Children can take ownership of their work and save this in their own private space

Information Technology 

Grouping and Sorting 

Lego Builders

Animated Story Books



  • Using the 2Code design mode, children can manipulate how their program looks by adding and changing backgrounds, characters, sounds and objects. 
  • Children can create a program that controls a character. 
  • Children consider the end user of their program and make purposeful changes to the user interface to enhance functionality.

Computer Science 

Maze Explorers 

2. Coding


  • Children can explain that an algorithm is a set of instructions to complete a task. They can use program algorithms of more than one step into code using freecode Chimp.
  •  Children show an awareness of the need to be precise in their designs so that algorithms can be successfully translated into code. 
  • Children can create a simple program that achieves a specific purpose. They can also identify and correct some errors.
  • Children’s program designs display a growing awareness of the need for logical, programmable steps.
  • Children can identify the parts of a program that respond to specific events and initiate specific actions. For example, they can write a cause and effect sentence of what will happen in a program.