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Art and Design – EYFS

Expressive arts and design is used to develop a child’s imagination, creativity and their ability to use a range of media and materials. This approach helps children to represent and understand their own feelings and ideas. The children will experiment with media and materials to help them find out about their properties. During this process they explore sounds, patterns, movement and different tools and techniques.

Do you want to be a friend?


  • Holding ‘painty’ hands with a friend to see changes in colour.
  • Rolling, cutting and baking dough to make different shapes and decorating them.

Why do squirrels hide their nuts?


  • Creating land art using woodland materials.
  • Creating yummy play dough using a range of autumnal scents and colours.

What happens when I fall asleep?


  • Creating a bedtime sock ‘Thing’ to look after.
  • Making a star mobile from a range of craft materials.

Are we there yet?


  • Designing and making a model car from a range of recycled materials.

Who lives in a rock pool?


  • Drawing stuffed seabirds and feathers loaned from a local museum. 
  • Children to create beach art from a selection of pebbles.
  • Drawing seashells and imprinting shells into clay.
  • Decorating flat white seashells using fine permanent markers.

What can you see in summer?


  • Creating footprint art with brightly coloured and fluorescent paint.
  • Designing and making a pair of sunglasses from recycled materials